Citius Pharmaceuticals Inc. stocks (NASDAQ: CTXR) showing promising performance

One of the major players in the market these days are pharmaceutical companies. These forms are currently working towards various treatments and drugs for Covid 19. Citius Pharmaceuticals Inc. is also one of them. It is working towards ARDS prevention in covid 19 patients, with the help of their stem cell therapy. This is making NASDAQ: CTXR at an interesting stock option for investors.

About Citius Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Citius Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a pharmaceutical company that specializes in specialty drug development. They work actively in not only developing the coming of age treatments for some untapped market, they also commercialize these treatments.

They work towards the unmet market and try to find drugs covering the categories which are critical and unmet to date. Some of the major developments include critical care therapies, cancer therapies, anti-infective, etc. Currently, the company is working towards a stem cell therapy to treat covid 19 related ARDS.

Covid 19 treatment participation

Citius Pharmaceuticals Inc. has worked on various therapies based on stem cells to treat respiratory failure by ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome). Currently, it is working on developing an induced mesenchymal stell cell therapy, which can treat them and prevent the ARDS in the covid 19 patients. It is seen that 30 percent of the infected patients tend to suffer from respiratory failure due to fluid-filled inflamed lungs.

This therapy can be potent inducing int inflammatory activities in the mesenchymal cells and reduce the cytokine attack. The therapy is derived and based on the pluripotent stem cells. It also reduces the inflammation of the lungs, avoids the lungs to get filled with fluid and repair the epithelial and endothelial barrier of the lungs.

Market performance

Currently, Citius pharmaceuticals Inc. stocks are trading higher and thus are getting the rating if moderate buy. Last week, the stock price of NASDAQ: CTXR was at $1.35, which is higher than the past few weeks. The current upward trend for the company is the result of the positive earnings report.

In the earning report fo the quarter, the company showed a revenue of $4.43 million and a profit of $4000.00. The company also showed that there is a free cash flow chalking up to -$9.58 million. The company also showed a promising return on assets and return of equity of -63.40% and -75.80% respectively. Citius Pharmaceuticals Inc. currently has a market capitalization of 55.00 million. Also, the 10-day volume of the stocks is 18.5 million and EPS is at -0.64 in the last quarter. All this activity is making this company one to be followed and watched in the next few weeks.

Final words

Citius Pharmaceuticals Inc. is definitely a promising avenue for investment if one is looking to buy shares. Many factors and features of the company are promising along with the last quarter earnings reports. The current ARDS stem cell therapy is also one of the biggest reasons why it is suddenly in the limelight. You can do stock trading from an online brokerage account. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.